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My name is Haroun Lee. Im a Le Cordon Bleu: College of Culinary Arts School graduate. I love cooking more then anything. I am a caterer and personal chef. I hope to open up a restaurant in the near future. Until then, im going to enjoy life.

Cook, eat, and eat some more. Its what i live by.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring time.

Sautéed Swiss Chard w/ Warm mustard bacon vinaigrette.

2 bundles of swiss chard
2 slices of bacon
3tbs of Dijon mustard
2 sprigs of minced tarragon
2tbs of minced parsley
1/2 Shallot minced.
1/2 lemon (for juice, and zest whole lemon.)
Honey to taste
Olive oil A/N.

First thing you want to do is throughly wash your swiss chard, and render your bacon(bacon should be cubed). Then cut the chard in to strips. Once the bacon is rendered nice and crispy, remove from pan and save (save some bacon fat). Put your chard into the pan and sauté until just tender. While this is sauteeing you can make your vinaigrette. In a bowl mix the Dijon mustard, minced tarragon, minced parsley, lemon juice, zest and honey. Whisk together. When this is done you want to slowly whisk in your olive oil until dressing is nice and thick. Then toss in your sautéed chard. Put the bacon crumbs in it and serve. You could even grade some Parmesan cheese on top. up to you.

Hope you enjoy.


I found this dope article about asparagus. I think you should check it out.,0,1761331.story
Mac && Cheese done the right way.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Me and my bestfriend in baking class. Showing off our pullman loaf. Good times.

Vietnamese Fried Bananas. Im not the biggest fan of bananas, but i love different cultures and this is a dope picture.
Brioche. ....Enough said

Chocolate chip and Butterscotch Scones.